Admission to PhD in Medical Biotechnology

List of applicants selected for admission is published: Click here


Applications are invited for PhD in Medical Biotechnology (MdBt) in the Department of Biomedical Science & Technology under the School of Biological Sciences.

Note: This is a rolling advertisement, students will be admitted throughout the year.

Areas of Research for PhD with the no. of vacancies in each area

  1. ‘Cellular stress pathways in cardiomyopathies, Effect if desynchronized circadian rhythm in diabetic cardiomyopathy’, under Dr. Kunal Sikder (No. of vacancies: 2)
  2. ‘Regulation of bacterial growth and pathogenesis, Genetics analysis of antibiotic resistance, Nanomedicine as modern therapeutics’, under Dr. Arnab Basu (No. of vacancy: 1)
  3. ‘Functions of lncRNAs in pathological conditions, Altered hepatic glucose metabolism in diabetes and cancer, Alternative splicing in glucose metabolism in diabetic complications’, under Dr. Pushkar Malakar (No. of vacancies: 2)
  4. ‘Parasitology and Infectious Disease’, under Dr. Dipak Manna (No. of vacancy: 1)

Ongoing Research Projects in the Department of Biomedical Science & Technology

  1. Genetic predisposition and autoimmunity in idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy
  2. Genetic polymorphism andintracellular stress pathways in Graves’ disease and Hashimoto thyroiditis
  3. Vit-D receptor polymorphism in autoimmune thyroid disorders
  4. Role of TRAFAC GTPase in cellular physiology and stress response of Staphylococcus aureus
  5. Deciphering the importance of ABCF ATPase in antibiotic resistance.
  6. Effect of nanomedicine on bacterial pathogen
  7. Genetic analysis of pathogen associated with hospital based infection.
  8. Effect of metal ion on the growth and pathogenesis of bacteria.
  9. Role of Glutamine in cell cycle progression.
  10. Molecular signatures associated with Polyploidy.
  11. Regulation of Chromosomal Instability through Long Non-Coding RNAs.
  12. Importance of Alternative Splicing in Cancers and Diabetes.
  13. ‘Characterization of mechanistic function of the encystation-specific transcription factor ERM-BP in Entamoeba and identifying drugs against Entamoeba cyst
  14. Development of Strip-Based Diagnostics for the Detection of Entamoeba and deadly Free-living Amebae

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The candidates should be passionate about working in the field of physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, cell and molecular biology. They should be willing to tackle problems and be able to develop novel experimental approaches to answer outstanding questions in the field.
  2. Prior experience with biochemical assays, bacterial and mammalian cell culture, genetic manipulation, basic molecular biology techniques related to nucleic acid and protein work would be advantageous.
  3. Knowledge of bioinformatics would be desirable. An eagerness to learn and to exploit and develop innovative methods is the critical requirement.
  4. Students with postgraduate degree in any field of Biological Sciences with at least 60% marks will be eligible to apply. Those with Research fellowship from any government funding agency will be given priority.

Selection Procedure

Applicants will be selected on the basis of Research Eligibility Test (RET) followed by rigorous viva-voce.

How to Apply

  • New applicants have to first register on the Online Admission Portal, then login and fill up the online application form.
  • Online Admission Portal :
  • After successfully submitting the application form, pay the application fee (INR 500.00) online from the same Portal. Link can be found under ‘Options’ next to the program name on the Dashboard.
  • While filling up the online application-form attach the scanned copies of your passport size photo, mark-sheets and other applicable certificates/documents.
  • Once Application-form is successfully submitted and application-fee is paid, Receipt (also Application-summary) will be available for download from the same Portal from the ‘Dashboard‘.

Admission and Course Fee

Admission process shall begin immediately after the announcement of results of the interview. Selected candidates may get admitted by paying the requisite fees as given in the page of fees structure: Click here

For any queries you may contact

  1. Academic queries:
    • Dr. Kunal Sikder : ,
  2. For any technical query/issues (with online application, fee payment, etc.)
    • Sourav Paul (), Avishek Mondal ()
    • email: