School of Biological Sciences, RKMVERI

Department of Biomedical Science & Technology

(At Narendrapur Campus and RKM Seva Pratishthan, both in Kolkata)

RKMVERI was founded to actualize Swami Vivekananda’s fundamental educational ideas of imparting life-building, man-making and character-building education by combining the best elements of the East and the West.

School of Biological Sciences

The School of Biological Sciences, started in 2020, focuses on study and research in various aspects of biological sciences with special reference to Medical Biotechnology, Microbiology, Immunology, etc. The school synergizes with the already existing Division of Agricultural Biotechnology for interdisciplinary study and research in various areas of Biotechnology.
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Admission to PhD in Medical Biotechnology for academic year 2023-24

This is a rolling advertisement, students will be admitted throughout the year.

New MSc programs introduced from session 2022-23

Department of Biomedical Science & Technology

Programmes offered

  1. MSc in Medical Laboratory Science & Technology: More info  |  Admissions
  2. MSc in Critical Care Science & Technology: More info  |  Admissions
  3. MSc in Medical Biotechnology: More info  |  Admissions
  4. PhD in Medical Biotechnology, Neuroscience, etc.

JIVAN – Jiva-Vijnan-Anweshan-Niketan

Centre for Research in Biological Sciences in collaboration with Ramakrishna Mission Sevapratishthan

A research initiative of the School of Biological Sciences, RKMVERI, in collaboration with Ramakrishna Mission Sevapratishthan, Kolkata. Read more…

Report of School of Biological Sciences – 18 Nov 2021