About MSc in Critical Care Science and Technology (MSc in CCST or CCT)

RKMVERI (Deemed University) starts new programme from 2022: MSc in Critical Care Science and Technology (MSc in CCST or popularly known as CCT)

To our knowledge, very few Institutes/Universities across the country offer such postgraduate programmes in critical care technology, particularly in the Eastern part of India. Hence the urgency and importance of starting this programme in RKMVERI in the Department of Biomedical Science and Technology under the School of Biological Sciences which has already has a vibrant Research Unit called JIVAN (Jiva-Vijnan-Anweshan-Niketan), Centre for Research in Biological Sciences located at Ramakrishna Mission Seva Pratishthan Hospital, Kolkata, which is collaborating closely with the University’s Off-campus at Narendrapur, Kolkata.

Critical Care Science and Technology (CCST or CCT) caters to the requirement of expert professionals in the field of life support monitoring and therapeutic system. The requirement of experts in this field is immense and a career in this field will ensure plausible employment in various hospitals and critical care centers of repute. This M.Sc. programme spans 2 years (4 semester) and is of 80 credits as per the UGC regulations (1 credit = 16 contact hours) and is designed to provide expertize in the following specializations:

  1. Cardio-pulmonary critical care,
  2. Neuro critical care,
  3. Oncological critical care.

The incoming students will be expected to choose and spell out their area of specialization at the very beginning, to enable advance planning.


Brief outline of the programme:

The first semester will be devoted to orienting the incoming students into the basics of critical care besides refurbishing their knowledge of critical care technology at the undergraduate level. There will also be an exercise in normalizing / homogenizing the students coming from various institutions. At the beginning of second semester, the students will be divided into groups in accordance with their choice of specialization as stated above. During the second and third semesters, the students will be given intense hands-on training in their respective chosen field of specialization, while the fourth and final semester will be devoted to projects/dissertations, etc. At the end of the four semesters on successful completion of the M.Sc. programme, the University will try to provide internship for one more semester consistent with the availability of resources.

The programme is offered in full-time mode.

Collaborating Institutions:

The following four Institutes with excellent critical care facilities are collaborating with RKMVERI to provide state-of-the-art training the students in the above-mentioned specialized fields of critical care:

  1. Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute (CNCI), Kolkata, (for oncological critical care),
  2. Tata Medical Center, Kolkata, (for oncological critical care),
  3. Institute of Neurosciences Kolkata (IN-K) (for neuro critical care),
  4. Peerless Hospital and B.K. Roy Research Centre (for cardio-pulmonary critical care)

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