Special Lectures

Dr. Abhik SahaPresidency University, KolkataAntiviral therapies that antagonize associated cancer development03 Nov, 2022JIVAN, RKMSP campus
Prof. Sanjoy GhoshDept. of Biochemistry, Calcutta UniversityJourney of Microbiology: Evolution to its modern age applications24 Sep, 2022JIVAN, RKMSP campus
Prof. Debashis MukhopadhyaySaha Institute of Nuclear Physics, KolkataThe ‘fuzzy’ links in the brain: understanding how lncRNA functionally regulate neurodegeneration16 Sep, 2022JIVAN, RKMSP campus
Dr. Pushkar MalakarRamanujan Fellow, RKMVERINew therapeutic hepatic target for treatment of diabetes and hepatic cellular carcinoma16 July, 2022JIVAN, RKMSP campus
Dr. Dipak MannaRamalingaswami fellow, RKMVERIIdentification of anti-amoebic compounds and a novel transcription factor that regulates Entamoeba stage conversion30 June, 2022JIVAN, RKMSP campus
Dr. Soumyananda ChakrabortiNational Institute of Malaria Research, New DelhiProtein cages and its application in Biotechnology and therapeutic09 June, 2022JIVAN, RKMSP campus
Prof. Anupam ChatterjeeNorth Eastern Hill UniversityThe systemic adverse effects of Areca-nut: Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks and Its Early Detection06 June, 2022Narendrapur Campus
Dr. Poulomi BiswasIIT, KharagpurVanishing the problem of medical diagnosis with the magic wand of engineering26 May, 2022JIVAN, RKMSP campus
Dr. Ajitesh RoyRamakrishna Mission Seva Pratishthan - Vivekananda Institute of Medical Science, KolkataReversal of pathological features of Graves’ orbitopathy by activation of FOXO21 April, 2022JIVAN, RKMSP campus
Dr. Partha ChakrabartiIndian Institute of Chemical Biology, KolkataMolecular basis of obesity and diabetes07 April, 2022JIVAN, RKMSP campus